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Michelle's Party Plan-It: July 2013

Michelle's Party Plan-It

Michelle's Party Plan-It: July 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

"A Day in Paris" Dessert Table

My Mother is quite the "Fashionista" and loves everything fashion related including one of the fashion capitals of the world, Paris.  She recently asked that I help her with a Paris themed dessert table for a luncheon and fashion show she was planning for the ladies at church.  Of course I wanted to help, how fun!

I started with the coordinating stationery in her color choices of red, white and black along with a sprinkle of turquoise. With a little furniture rearranging, her sitting room proved to be the perfect place for the party.   It was one of the easiest tables I have set up so far since she already had all the needed decor and artwork that doubled as backdrops.

I filled apothecary jars with coordinating candy and we served cupcakes, madeleines and palmiers. I handcut several themed toppers for the cupcakes and placed them in coordinating nut cups from Pick Your Plum.  I also wrapped candy bars in matching stationary.

Fashion Show:
My Mom spent hours upon hours decorating the rest of her home to give it a boutique ambiance not to mention the hours spent shopping for the dresses that were worn by the models. There was a total of 21 dress changes!  The fashion show was a huge hit, so much that several ladies purchased the modeled dresses right on the spot.

Mom has always loved to dress up and look chic. Unfortunately, I didn't inherit her love of  fancy dresses with matching shoes, purses and hats. Although I appreciate fashion, I'm most comfortable in a pair of jeans. As you can see, when I was a child Mom made sure I was fashionable!

The lovely ladies all had a great time and best of all, I spent quality "girlie" time with my Momma.

Thanks for visiting!

Styling, Party Stationery and Photography: Michelle's Party Plan-It

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Friday, July 26, 2013

An Under the Sea Party for Logan & Landon

My dear friend Gabriela asked me to help out with a party she was planning for her two sons who both have a birthday in July. Last year we went all out with the Beep Beep...Choo Choo theme, but this year to make things a bit easier, Gabriela decided to have a swimming party at Waterworks Aquatics.

We decided on the Under The Sea theme to tie in with the water/swimming theme. The facility was going to be available to us for the party for a couple hours, however we only had 30 minutes to set up.  Luckily my Mom came with me and helped immensely with the set up and tear down! Thank you Momma!

Because time was an issue, I wanted to make sure the candy table was simple but yet still cute and colorful for the kids. The candy table was loaded with colorful candy and coordinating cookies on brown sugar "sand" and goldfish crackers in fish bowls.  I ordered the party favors from Oriental Trading Company and picked up some stuffed sea creatures at the local dollar store.  They were perfect for the kids tables!

I had never had the pleasure of setting up a party at Waterworks Aquatics before and I have to say I was very pleased with their helpful staff!  If you are in the Irvine, CA area, I highly recommend them!

Happy Happy Birthday Landon & Logan! Thank you for letting me part of your special day! Hugs and Kisses to you all!!

Thanks for visiting!

Styling, Party Stationery and Customized Coordinating Decor: Michelle's Party Plan-It
Cookies by Cookies by Tree.

Favor Bag Toppers
Water Bottle Wrappers

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY Monsters University Inspired Party Favor Bags

Are you a Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University fan? Well, if you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I have been slowly working on a little Monsters University party for my son Liam. Today, I'd like to show you how I made these MU inspired party favor bags.  These are super easy and quick to make, it literally took me less than 5 minutes to make them!

1. Scissors
2. Iron On Transfer Paper
3. Home Printer
4. Muslin Drawstring Bags
5. Iron
6. Printable File of your choice.

1. Following the Iron On Transfer paper instructions, print the file. (Be sure to remember to set your printer settings to "Mirror Image")

2. Cut out the image.

3. Following the Iron On Transfer paper instructions, place the image on the bag in the desired location.

4. Following the Iron On Transfer paper instructions,  iron on the image and remove the backing once cooled.

All Done! It's that easy!

I filled them with candy and attached my favor tag! These are now ready for my little Monsters University fans!

Thank you for visiting!

DISCLAIMER: These items were made for personal use only and are not being sold. Character copyright is held by original owner.

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Wild Four Liam - A Safari Party

Let me start this post with some background. We have a lot of irons in the fire this summer, one of which being a room makeover for my oldest son Tristan, who is graduating to his own room. My youngest son Liam, has had an adorable safari themed room since birth but rarely uses it (Why not, you ask? Well, that's a story for another time). Tristan will be leaving the room he shares with my middle son to get his own space before he starts High School. Liam then will be moving in with big brother Gavin (I'll post before and after room makeover pics, I promise).  Needless to say, Tristan is very excited about the move, but Liam on the other hand is having a hard time with it. So to ease the pain a bit, I decided to set up a mini party for Liam that will serve two purposes, 1. to say goodbye to the baby room and 2. to introduce my latest party stationery theme.

The Details:
Since we are all wild for Liam, and his fourth birthday will most likely be safari adventure themed, (unless of course he changes his mind again) I decided to use "Wild Four Liam" for the product sample. I designed mock invitations, stickers, favor tags and cupcake toppers. I prepared the party space by rearranging his furniture and used the already in place animal print vinyl decals as the backdrop. His cubby cabinet was perfect for the dessert table and I filled apothecary jars with all his favorites; chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal iced cookies, almond cookies, chocolate covered raisins, banana runts and animal crackers.  I added gumballs and gummy bears for a splash of color.  I wrapped chocolate bars and filled bags with banana chips and attached "Liam's Monkey Chow" bag toppers. I collected Liam's stuffed animals as decor and also decorated mason jars with tags, straws, twine and cupcake liners.  I baked...let me repeat that statement...I BAKED cupcakes (and frosted them) in cheetah print cupcake liners from Pick Your Plum and topped them with animal silhouettes.

Side Note:
It may not be a big deal to you wonderfully talented bakers out there that I actually baked and frosted my own cupcakes, but if you know me, I don't spend much time baking so this was a big deal for me.  Don't get me wrong, I love baking but I just don't do it often enough these days.  In past lives I aspired to be a baker but found I don't have the patience, so now a days I just stick with baking breads and muffins when I get the urge. For me to dig out my icing bags and tips, it was a big deal.  I usually just pick up my favorite cupcakes from Sam's Club in the colors of my choice, but this was a very special occasion, my boys were growing up...and truth be told, I needed comfort food.

As I write this post and reflect on the little party for Liam, I realize this party was possibly more for me than for him. I needed to say goodbye to the baby room, pack up his toddler bedding and all the toys he's outgrown. A couple of weeks ago I sorted through his baby clothes and it was a very painful experience that left me in tears...my last baby is a baby no more. But onward we go as I prepare my first born for independence and give him space to spread his wings. And as I prepare my little fella for pre-school by having him share his space with his big brother...change is in the air and change is good.  Right?

Thanks for visiting!

Vendor Credits:

Party Stationery, Styling and Photography: Michelle's Party Plan-It

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Cupcake toppers
Favor bag toppers
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Cupcake liners: Pick Your Plum

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