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Michelle's Party Plan-It: September 2012

Michelle's Party Plan-It

Michelle's Party Plan-It: September 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Seinfeld Celebration

Being a huge fan of "Seinfeld",  I recently had a party, not quite a party about nothing, but a party to celebrate my 37th birthday!  The Seinfeld sitcom didn't quite have a style I could replicate for my party decor, so I decided to decorate with my favorite colors, purple, turquoise and black and to memorialize my favorite Seinfeld moments with desserts.


I decorated two main areas in my home for the desserts. (If you look closely you can see Jerry in the background.)

My friend, Courtney from Buttercream Bling made this beautiful fondant flower to top my Oreo Tower.

Angela from Oh Sugar Events created these amazing cookies from my favorite episodes. (See more pics on her blog HERE) Not only were they perfect they were scrumptious!

The Puffy Shirt, Urban Sombrero, Top of the Muffin & Festivus

Del Boca Vista Condos (Jerry's parents live there), Kramer's license plate "Assman", Pretzels from the famous "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" line, Kramer's "Kramerica" logo, The Soup Nazi and of course the gangs favorite eatery,  "Monk's.

And George's Art of Seduction! Yes, that's a hand painted cookie!

Doesn't every Seinfeld fan have a puffy shirt of their own?  This one was included in a box set I received as a Christmas gift several years ago.

Fusilli Jerry,  George's alter ego "Art Vandelay", Frank Costanza's Manzier called "The Bro" .....

My absolute favorite cookie, Elaine and her "Little Kicks".

The cast even made an appearance. ;)

Jen from Sweeten Your Day Cakes created these fabulous fondant toppers for my cupcakes.  Not only were they beautifully detailed, they were tasty! Which in my experience, isn't usually the case for fondant.

Fusilli Jerry.

The Black and White cookie. "Look to the cookie!"

Peterman's Urban Sombrero.

Jerry's favorite cereal, Cheerios.

Jerry's favorite super hero...Superman.

Newman's mail truck. Remember the time it caught fire as he was singing, "Once, Twice, three times a lady"?  Classic!

"Top of the Muffin to You!" Got to have that exclamation point!

Kramer's Coffee Table Book - It's a "coffee table book about coffee tables!"

Can you "spare a square"?

Kramer is the Assman!

George's fat wallet.

The Marble Rye.

"No soup for you!"

"I don't wanna be a pirate!"

This may be my favorite Elaine quote...."I could drop you like a bag of dirt!"

Seinfeld candy from various episodes. Remember the tweety pez, the "Junior Mint" and the Oh Henry bar heiress?

My dear friend Jamie made Cereal treats, the Chocolate Babka and cake pops.


Marshmallow pops in treat cups on sticks.

"These are just stumps, where are the tops?"

"These [yogurt covered] pretzels are making me thirsty!"

Mom's Killer Cakes and Cookies made these fantastic cake pops based on the Sein-Imation characters. (Sein-Imation is the animated version of the series that was included in the DVD box sets.)




Puddy as the "Mad Devils Fan".

Elaine (her make up was smeared with the summer heat).


My friend Theresa made the Black & White cookies.

Sweet Fancy Moses! One of my favorite Seinfeldisms.

Just a little cupcake bling.

Candle party favors.

The miniature Monk's mustard bottle, ketchup bottle and napkin holder were a bonus item included in one of the DVD gift sets I received several years ago.

In lieu of gifts for my birthday, I asked guests to bring a gift for a White Elephant "Re-gift" Exchange.  Each person brought an unwanted gift they received to re-gift.  At the end of the evening, everyone left with a new unwanted gift. :)

For dinner we served "Vegetable Lasagna", Elaine's "Big Salad", George's No "Double Dipping" Velata Chocolate Fondue and "Man Hands" bread.

To carry on the theme, I made shirts for my boys.  Clockwise from the right, "The Human Fund", "Top of the muffin to you!" and "These Pretzels are making me thirsty".

What a blessing it was to be able to spend my day with my closest friends and family.

Thank you for stopping by!


Event Planning, Styling & Set Up - Party Plan-It Designs
Party Stationery and Customized Coordinating Decor: Party Plan-It Designs
Photography: Party Plan-It Designs
Seinfeld Cookies: Oh Sugar Events
Seinfeld Cake Pops: Mom's Killer Cakes and Cookies
Seinfeld Fondant Cupcake toppers: Sweeten Your Day Cakes
Fondant Flower: Buttercream Bling
Paper Lanterns, Popcorn Boxes and Paper Fans: Oriental Trading Company
Paper Straws and Paper Goodie Bags: Mindy Mae's Market 
Tissue Poms - Party On Designs 
Cupcake/Cake Pop Stand - Cupcake Stand

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